Board of Directors

2016-2017 Board of Directors:

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» Al Goodyer, Chair
» Rob Gilbert, Vice Chair
» Brad Knight, Treasurer
» Coralee Carter, Secretary
» Bill Aasvangen
» Lisa Ferguson

» Peggy Gilbert
» John Whitlam
» Art Gilbert
» Nicole Slaunwhite, Past Chair

Board Bios:

Name: Al Goodyer, Chair

Home Community:  Prospect Bay

What I love about the Prospect Communities: Clean, beautiful and nice friendly people
Why I joined the ROC: To be more involved in the community and help provide strategic direction to the ROC

Member since: 2014

Name: Art Gilbert

Home Community:  White’s Lake

What I like about Prospect Communities: I have lived here for 23 years and it seems that the Prospect Communities always come together in their own unique way. Each, perhaps, in their own individual community but always seem to support one another when needed. Living in a small community you know one another and almost feel like family.

Why I joined the ROC: I have always volunteered in my community whether it be as President, and now immediate Past President of the Legion, also Peggy and myself were the last of the Charter Members for our Lions Club ) when we had to fold after 18 years due to lack of membership. I am ready to volunteer as a Director for the ROC and get involved.

Member since: November, 2017

Name: Brad Knight

Home Community: Brookside

What I love about the Prospect Communities: How scenic the area is
Why I joined the ROC: To help grow the community my family has called home for decades.

Member since: December 2015

Name:  Peggy Gilbert

Home Community: Whites Lake

What I love about Prospect Communities:  I had just moved from Ottawa and wanted a quiet, tranquil place to live with my husband and two cats. It is everything I expected and more and in my community I know my neighbour and always feel save.

Why I joined the ROC: I’ve always been involved in my community both in the Legion and Lions Club and when our Lions Club folded I knew I had to still be more involved and therefore joined the ROC

 Member since: 2016

Name:  Nicole Slaunwhite, Past Chair

Home Community:  Prospect Bay

What I love about the Prospect Communities:  Friendly people and beautiful scenery!
Why I joined the ROC:  I wanted to become more involved in the great work done by the ROC and give back to the community.

Member since: 2015

Name:   Lisa Ferguson

Home Community:   Come-from-Away,  now  Prospect Bay

What I love about the Prospect Communities:  I love being so close to nature and the surrounding beauty of our coastline.
Why I joined the ROC:  Support a great cause and hopefully help it grow. 

Member since: The early days!

Name: John Whitlam

Home Community:  Brookside

What I love about the Prospect Communities: When looking for the location to settle after arriving from the UK after 35 years in the Royal Navy, we were drawn to the White Lake community and in particularly Brookside for the surrounding countryside with abundance of lakes and friendly people.  Close enough to the city but also just the right distance away.  It remains one of HRM’s best kept secrets!  This is the longest time I have been able to call one place ‘home’ since 1976!

Why I joined the ROC: I wanted to improve my knowledge of how this community pulls together and to be part of a team that continues to work for our communities and to give something back. 

Member since: 2016

Name: » Coralee Carter

Coralee Carter was born and raised in Saint John NB. She moved to Fredericton NB where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major in Criminology and Psychology from Saint Thomas University. Coralee worked in the social services field with youth – at – risk and domestic violence in both the government and with not for profits for over than ten years before moving to NS. She worked with a local not for profits specializing in helping those who have disabilities and barriers before decided to go back to school to obtain a Diploma as a Paralegal. She currently works for one of the largest law firms in Halifax and has been living in the community for 4 years with her family.