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A History of the ROC

Monday, July 11th, 2011 Posted in CAP, General, History | Comments Off on A History of the ROC

The ROC is a grassroots, community volunteer organization that has been in existence since 1998. Originally established as the Terence Bay and Area C@P Site, the organization transformed into the Resource Opportunities Centre, Community Development Association Serving the Prospect Road Area in 2002.

The ROC maintains its connection with C@P (Community Access Program) by providing free computer and WIFI Access at both the Terence Bay Site and at the new Prospect Road Community Centre.

Projects, partnerships and communication have been at the root of all of the work of the ROC over the years, bringing hundreds of employment, educational, social and recreational opportunities to the area.

Through project funding (2004 – 2008) the ROC designed and built which it continues to maintain and expand to this day. Expansion of the main webpage led to the development of and as well as Facebook and twitter profiles, all of which are valuable and effective communication tools.

In 2009 the ROC was named the volunteer management Board for the brand new state of the art $8,500,000.00 Prospect Road Community Centre. The community centre has proven to be an enormous asset to the community. The work of the ROC Board and its many sub-committees over the past year has been focused on developing the structures, processes and policies that are needed to manage the facility, supporting the General Manager of the Community Centre, establishing our roles and responsibilities to HRM and community, and integrating and confirming the core mandate of the organization.

Building Vibrant Communities

Friday, June 3rd, 2011 Posted in General, Inside Out, Multimedia | Comments Off on Building Vibrant Communities

Building Vibrant Communities – Audio from Inside Out Radio – Website

We all know that change is important, but the most recent U.S. presidential election provided ample evidence that we aren’t clear how to make it happen. Perhaps we are looking in the wrong place for change. Maybe, real change happens from the bottom up. It happens in our neighborhoods and communities.

This week we explore how people are coming together to build communities for the future with the resources they already have.

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