Community Development Organization

Program Listings

We offer a variety of technology and business related workshops in a relaxed environment to target your individual needs. We employ qualified local instructors to teach the courses at our site in Terence Bay and at Brookside Junior High school.

Below is a description of workshops we have offered in the past, but we are always open to new ideas. If you are interested in a program that is not listed below, please contact us and we would be happy to try and accommodate your needs.

Basic Computer Skills
This is a 6 week program, 1.5 hour sessions per week.

Technology is a big scary word, but computers and the Internet are great resources for any aspect of your life; keeping in touch with friends and family, looking for recipes, playing games, checking lottery numbers, and researching information on prescriptions. Once you learn the basics, finding information is quick, easy, and convenient… just a click away!

Intermediate Computer Skills
This is a 6 week program, 1.5 hour sessions per week.

Already mastered the basics? Continue practicing to fine tune your skills. Take a closer look at using the Internet, Emailing, and performing online searches. We will customize the course according to your wants and needs!

Computer First Aid
Computers can get nasty bugs that slow you down and can even damage files. Learn to how to protect your computer from pop-ups, viruses, and spyware attacks using software that you can download for free on-line. Find out how to detect possible threats and learn other helpful tricks to keep your computer healthy so it will run smoothly.

Basic Emailing
Emailing is a fun and easy way to stay in touch with family and friends. Set up a free email account with the very user-friendly Google Mail (Gmail) and/or Microsoft Outlook. Learn how to send & receive mail, save email addresses, delete unwanted messages, add attachments such as photos, and general emailing etiquette.

Intro to Microsoft Word
This word processor is much more than a program for writing letters and assignments. It has many useful functions such as Spelling and Grammar checks, a built-in Thesaurus, unique editing tools, and automatic formatting for resumes and other specialized documents. Explore the key functions of MS Word as well as some of its hidden abilities.

Advanced Microsoft Word
Delve further into the advanced functions of Microsoft Word and explore the use of macros to automate repetitive tasks.

Microsoft PowerPoint – Part 1
Master the essentials of creating a slide show presentation for work and special occasions such as retirement, anniversaries and weddings. Apply design templates and text outlines to organize your slideshow for a more professional appearance. Amaze your audience with audio and visual animation effects and insert WordArt & pictures to add a creative flare.

Microsoft PowerPoint – Part 2
Create captivating slide shows that will leave a lasting impact. Design a presentation quickly and easily by importing data from other programs. Incorporate charts and tables to present data graphically, and insert links to Internet websites and Microsoft Programs. Create hidden slides, and even learn how to use PowerPoint features to rehearse your slideshow to prepare for those important presentations!

Microsoft Excel – Part 1
Discover the every day applications of Microsoft Excel, from organizing lists into tables, numerically and alphabetically sorting data, scheduling, and graphing. Navigate within the program to perform a range of tasks, from creating simple spreadsheets to solving complicated calculations.

Microsoft Excel – Part 2
We will reveal tools and tricks that will help you customize your spreadsheets and become more efficient! Learn to organize and display data, combine multiple worksheets, and create linking formulas.

Microsoft Excel – Part 3
Find out how to import data from other sources such as web pages and text files. Learn to create and work with interactive tools that manipulate information to find patterns, trends and relationships to help you compare data easily.

The Facts on Facebook
Facebook is a popular social networking website that connects friends, family, classmates, and groups of interest. Users create their own free profile that can include everything from hobbies, to favorite movies, to photos and more. You choose who views your information; you can leave messages for other users, comment on photos, and stay informed of what others are doing! During this workshop we will reveal all of the neat activities on Facebook and consider safety when using this networking utility. This is a great workshop for new users, curious non-users, and concerned parents.

Music Recording for the Non-Recording Engineer
Bring your instruments and experiment with free web-based software that you can use at home to record, edit and manipulate audio files. Convert any type of sound file to an mp3. You’ll have 3 weeks to familiarize yourself with the software and create a masterpiece, with an instructor close by at all times for help! Share your musical work of art by burning it to CD and learn how to post audio clips on popular Internet sites such as You Tube and MySpace.

Digital Photography
A three-part, full day course covering everything you need to know about your digital camera. Come for the whole day, or just the sessions you are interested in!

Session one: All About Cameras, describes the functions of each tiny button and explains the essentials when buying and using your digital camera.

Session two: The Art of Digital Photography, illustrates how to take captivating pictures and allows you to get out and practice your new knowledge with an instructor close at hand for assistance.

Session three: Manipulating Digital Images, demonstrates what you can do with your digital photos, such as editing and creating puzzles and collages, using free web-based technology that you can use at home.

Open For Business – Getting Started
Learn about the ‘how to’s’ and ‘next steps’ of starting your own business from Jason Wan, Business Planning Consultant for Open for Business. This workshop will cover Business Registration, HST number, Business Planning, Idea Generation and a variety of other topics. Open For Business is a project of the CEED Centre for Entrepreneurship, Education & Development Incorporated.