Community Development Organization


Services we offer in the community:
Technology / Internet Access:

  • Wireless high speed internet access (within our centre.)
  • 9 Windows XP PC’s equipped with graphics, office and web design software.
  • Scanning, printing, photocopying and faxing.
  • 1 Imac with internet access available in Goodwood at Cramsie Cuisine.

Technology Equipment– Usually available to non-profit organizations and businesses at a cost. Also an ROC staff member must accompany the equipment. Please contact to inquire about our equipment.

  • Color LCD Digital Projector with full size screen.
  • 32 inch television
  • Sony Playstation 2 with Dance Dance Revolution.
  • DVD, VCR.
  • Digital Camera 4.0 Mega Pixel (Canon Powershot)
  • Digital Camera 2.1 Megapixel (Olympus Camedia)
  • Digital Video Camera (Canon)
  • Digital Sony MiniDisk Recorder.
  • Two Portable Flatbed Scanners.
  • Mini Amplifier with wireless microphone.
  • Two hand held GPS systems.

Web Hosting – We have 2 hosting plans available. Click Here for more info.

Web Design – New Packages are currently being developed. Check back later.l