Community Development Organization

Our Vision

A welcoming, innovative, and thriving community.


The ROC is a community-based organization dedicated to sustainability and community development through the delivery of diverse recreational, educational, cultural, social, and technology-related opportunities.


Updated April 12, 2011: The ROC’s goals are community development, sustainability, education, communication, and creating recreational, cultural, social, and technology-related opportunities.


  • Community development
  • Sustainability
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Creating recreational opportunities
  • Creating cultural opportunities
  • Creating social opportunities
  • Creating technology-related opportunities

Goals (Detailed)

Community Development:

1. To have a three-year plan in place for development of community projects
* To update the plan on a yearly basis
* To have at least one project underway at all times

2. To be strategically connected to our service area:
* To develop a plan that increases board representation in accordance with the diversity in our community.
* To ensure programs and services are relevant, accessible, and offered everyone in our service area.
* To foster a sense of involvement and participation in envisioning the future of the ROC/PRCC within the larger community of members.


* To be responsible stewards of our resources, specifically:

1. Organizational/Human
* To make our administration and governance effective, efficient and flexible
* To recruit and retain the best staff and volunteers

2. Fiscal
* To use our current resources strategically
* To identify and pursue new revenue sources

3. Environmental
* To promote environmental sustainability


* To offer a diverse range of educational programs and opportunities for children, youth, adults and seniors.


1. To promote timely and honest communication within the ROC Board, with staff, with volunteers, and with all community members.
2. To build vibrant and mutually beneficial relationships with funding partners, all levels of government, businesses, other community groups, and the larger membership.
3. To have a strong web presence which includes utilizing the most up-to-date social networking tools.
4. To produce and distribute a community newsletter at least twice a year.


* To promote healthy living by offering a diverse range of recreational programs and opportunities for children, youth, adults, and seniors.


* To offer a broad range of cultural programming and opportunities to engage the diverse population in our area. (*** discuss meaning of culture with Board)


* To offer a diverse range of social events.


* Through our C@P site computers and related technology, to offer free high-speed interne access to the public.
* To offer other technology-related programming and opportunities.


  • Accountability
  • Sustainability
  • Partnerships
  • Sharing information freely
  • Community Identity
  • Quality of life

Values (Detailed)


* We are accountable to our membership, the citizens from Goodwood to West Dover, and to our funding partners.


* Sustainability is critical to our operation.


* We believe there is strength and innovation in partnerships.

Sharing information freely:

* We believe community development, connectedness, and collaboration starts with sharing information.

Community identity:

* We believe in preserving community identity in our diverse service area.

Quality of life:

* We believe that an enhanced quality of life for members of our communities comes from a holistic view of health that combines physical and mental health, with opportunities for employment, lifelong learning and social connection.