The Resource Opportunities Centre is pleased to announce the appointment of Shirley Jollimore as Executive Director

pat-shirleyThe Resource Opportunities Centre is pleased to announce the appointment of Shirley Jollimore as Executive Director.  Shirley is a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University and comes to us with years of experience in the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services, where she was responsible for province-wide programming in the area of employee engagement and communication.  She also has a depth of experience working in human resource and administrative positions in long-term care and transportation-focused organizations.  She is an experienced facilitator with a passion for strategic planning and community development, and supported the ROC in this capacity when we held community conversations in 2014 at the Prospect Road Community Centre.

Shirley has lived in the McDonald Lake subdivision of this community since 1997 with her husband, Peter, and their three children.  Shirley serves the community in many capacities, including as former Warden for St. Timothy’s-St Paul’s, Chair of the Prospect Road Elementary School Advisory Council, Vice-President of Prospect Road Basketball, and Chair of Unicorn Theatre, among others.

The Resource Opportunities Centre is a nonprofit community development organization that has been in existence since 1998. Originally established as the Terence Bay and Area C@P Site, the organization transformed into the Resource Opportunities Centre (ROC), Community Development Association serving the Prospect Road Area in 2002. In 2009 the ROC was named the volunteer management Board for the brand new state of the art Prospect Road Community Centre.

In 2014, Patricia Ullman was appointed as the ROC’s first Executive Director.  Under her guidance for the last 2+ years, the organization has blossomed in its mission to support sustainability and community development through the delivery of diverse recreational, educational, cultural, social, and technology-related opportunities.  Patricia’s years of professional experience, along with her love of community, have enabled the ROC to move to another stage of organization, clarity, accountability, and harmony.  The ROC now provides services and support for many community organizations in the area, offers community meals and other opportunities for increased food security—including a beautiful community garden—and a wide variety of programming and activities for people of all ages. Most importantly, Patricia has fostered a team spirit among the staff , volunteers, and community members, so that the centre is a welcoming place for everyone. 

Patricia is leaving us to go help her mother and family in the U.S., and will be sorely missed. The ROC thanks her wholeheartedly for her service to the Prospect communities and wishes her all the best in her future endeavours.