Take Part in the ROC Strategic Planning Survey

The Resource Opportunities Centre (ROC) is a local, community-based, non-profit organization that serves the Prospect Communities from the areas of Goodwood to West Dover.  Our work is driven by our vision of a welcoming, thriving, innovative community.  We are dedicated to sustainability and community development through the delivery of diverse recreational, educational, cultural, social, and technology-related opportunities.   

The ROC is working to develop a strategic plan that will guide our efforts for the next three years.  We would like to hear from residents and other stakeholders to provide insight and feedback to help form our plan.  We invite you to take part in the following survey and provide your comments and suggestions.

Community members were invited to attend our Community Conversations, a series of public meetings which were held in 2013 and 2014, to provide their thoughts and ideas.  Details from these conversations, including the information gathered as well as the progress to date and areas of opportunity can be found below and may be helpful in completing the survey:

Download the ROC Strategic Planning Goal Progress Review (pdf)

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